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Vicky, who said she fell in love with the band's sound as soon as Axl insisted on coming to her office and playing her some tracks on his ghetto blaster, worked tirelessly in the early days to promote the band and land them a sought-after record deal.She remembers it was always a challenge to keep tabs on the band and ensure they turned up on time for performances – particularly Axl who would later become notorious for coming on stage hours late – enraging fans and costing the band thousands in fines and insurance fees.'He was a diva.

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He was accused of shocking domestic violence in court documents by ex-wife Erin Everly and later girlfriend Stephanie Seymour, who both claimed he regularly beat them, kicked them down the stairs and left them needing hospital treatment.

James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” on the other hand, came off as oddly sinister in the hands of Rose, who still retains an uneasy, vaguely unpredictable quality despite his newfound professionalism. There was little warmth evident between Rose and his bandmates on stage, and the persistent inclusion of several songs from Rose’s less-than-beloved 2008 album suggests not every power struggle has been put to rest.

But by the time the pyrotechnic sparks fired and confetti burst over the crowd during “Paradise City,” all was mostly forgotten.

Rose, 55, once blamed largely for GNR’s scandal-plagued tours in the 1990s and the band’s subsequent dissolution, can no longer hit each note of the soaring, howling vocals of which he was once capable.

But he greeted the audience graciously, and his performance only improved as the night went on.

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