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If the Thai girl your with is meeting with other dudes then don't worry too much about it, continue courting her and having fun and don't worry about it.

It's more than normal for Thai people to see more than one person at a time.

An intercultural relationship is something that's harder to understand and that takes more than a few years to really develop and if your thinking of marriage then this is what it will take to have a successful one.

So you met that great girl you're sleeping with her, hanging out a lot and you have the suspicion that she's still talking to other guys maybe even meeting up with them and that leads you to wonder if she's still sleeping with other guys the times you're not with her. Should you even confront her with those suspicions at all?

You see her online, up on Thai Love Links chatting you might have even picked up her phone while she was in the bathroom and found some messages from guys, question is should you worry?

For starters a girl on a dating site has hundreds if not thousands of dudes all vying for her attention.

It can make the girl feel like she is a rock star with all that attention, similar to how we may feel when we use the same service.

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