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In the succeeding Archaic (Greek religious myths are concerned with gods or heroes in their more serious aspects or are connected with ritual.They include cosmogonical tales of the genesis of the gods and the world out of Chaos, the successions of divine rulers, and the internecine struggles that culminated in the supremacy of , the ruling god of Olympus (the mountain that was considered the home of the gods).Some myths are closely associated with rituals, such as the account of the drowning of the infant Zeus’s cries by the Curetes, attendants of Zeus, clashing their weapons, or ’s annual restoration of her virginity by bathing in the spring Canathus.Some myths about heroes and heroines also have a religious basis.

Most Greek legends were embellished with folktales and fiction, but some certainly contain a historical substratum.“Race” is the more accurate translation, but “Golden Age” has become so established in English that both terms should be mentioned.These races or ages are separate creations of the gods, the belonging to the reign of Cronus and the subsequent races being the creation of Zeus.The tale of creation and moral decline forms part of the myth of the Four Ages (Myths were viewed as embodying divine or timeless truths, whereas legends (or sagas) were quasi-historical.Hence, famous events in epics, such as the Trojan War, were generally regarded as having really happened, and heroes and heroines were believed to have actually lived.

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    However, no geologists were present when the earth and its many rock layers were formed, so they cannot know where the radiometric clocks were set at the beginning.