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Photographies intruding, not without a bit of voyeurism, on the life of unknown persons.Reigning Challenger Cup Champion Florian Bergér is the first German ever to have claimed the title.From the Baja peninsula through the coves and breaks of California and the bays and inlets of the Pacific Northwest, to the deep forests of British Columbia and the icy realm of polar bears in the Beaufort Sea of Alaska, the west coast of North America provides a life-sustaining corridor of great energy.Florian’s photographs have appeared in international publications, including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, and GEO.

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They have not been thoroughly checked and might still contains typos and errors.

Due to popular request, I am also including both a Te X and Ly X file of most set of notes which are complete under the GNU licence .

The extent to which the sun exerts an influence on climate is a widely debated matter, as are the mechanisms involved.

The Earth is partially shielded from galactic cosmic-rays by the heliomagnetic and the geomagnetic fields, the strengths of which vary from decadal to millennial time scales.

Therefore, radionuclides carry the signal of solar activity which is then stored in environmental archives such as ice cores, tree rings and sediments. The potential of sediment records, which has yet to be thoroughly employed, will help us to provide information on three different axes.

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